Monday, September 19, 2011

The Social End Products – Ego Trip 7' EP Out Now!

"THE SOCIAL END PRODUCTS formed in Nov 2009 in ATHENS / GREECE by Stathis and Manos who were around since the 90’s as members of the legendary WALKING SCREAMS,THE OUTTASITES, THE MEANIE GEANIES and THE INNER MYSTIQUES. The line up was completed with Themos and Dimitris who were playing together in the teen punk LES CHRITES.Having influenced are from artists,like Hasil Adkins, Legendary Sturdust Cowboy, Bo Diddley, Red Crayola, 13th Floor Elevators, Sun Ra, the Back From The Grave compilation series they offer four explosive self penned GARAGE PUNK songs which gonna Psych-Out your brains out!Believe it or not this Single is one of this year’s best releases and that’s because has nothing to do with the usual catchy Garage Punk stuff .The band’s intention to create a personal sound it’s really obvious and the good thing about it is that they have make it .When you’ll listen to this 7” record you’ll find out what makes SOCIAL END PRODUCTS sound so special."

Get Shiny 7' vinyl! (Text from the fine Fuzz Overdose webzine)

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