Thursday, September 22, 2011

"The Dive'" killer debut album on CD.

Spinalonga & The Lab Records join forces to release a CD that you will be sorry without .

Get the debut album by The Dive.

"Surviving in Athens, influenced and drenched by city rats and the rancid stench lurking in the atmosphere, the Dive put out their debut album. Dark in its most cheerful of melodies, sonic even in its silence, this album manifests its own, peculiar soundprint…"

They sound like that:

We also grabbed the opportunity to restock all the previous releases of The Lab Records on dirt cheap prices:

Deus Ex Machina - Time Expires (ep)
Dive , The - The Dive
Earthbound , The - La Guerra Final
Earthbound , The - The Earthbound (2007 reissue)
Semen Of The Sun - Radio Adult

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