Sonic Boom Records

Good taste
As from June 2013 Sonic Boom Records in Kypseli is closed for good.All of our stock is now moved to all started from our love for music.

Back in the mid 80's i was just another "record store rat" (allow me the mall rat paraphrase here).Hanging around all Kypseli's & most downtown Athens record shops finally i had the chance to get a job in the infamous New Sound Records on Fokionos street (now Fokionos Records).

By 1995 i made the move & opened my own record store , Sonic Boom in Kypseli, Athens. A tiny space of just 11 square meters initially , an addition of a small attic a couple of years later and finally ,in 2000, a relocation in a proper 50 square meter store in Syrou 32 street, Kypseli that still houses what was once just a music adoring kid's dream.

In 2002 we launched the first Greek online second-hand record shop , and since then we have also managed to do business via three of the most important global market places in regard with the music business (Discogs, Ebay & GEMM).

What still keeps us in this job is that we are proud of what we have achieved so far,our love for music ,the unique feeling of running a record store and the positive feedback from all around the world. Talking about feedback you can always check ours on a third party source such as Ebay & Discogs. We are too proud of it to keep it hidden.

All items in our store come from four sources : Our retail store,our European & American network of partners , the internet & independent labels/artists. Therefore the variety of our stock is breathtaking, the quality is 100% guaranteed and our prices decent.
Store front
We love equally vinyl records & compact discs. This may sound a bit “heretic” as far as the cool thing is to adore vinyl & consider CD useless but take a couple of minutes to think of how many great records have been pressed firstly on CD and repressed on vinyl much later. Even worse, some never made it for a vinyl pressing. You must be ready to abandon a huge amount of great music if you think that CD do not have a place near your stereo. And we are not!

We do not claim that we are the cheaper store on the web,but as far as we regard that we are competitive with any other record-store on earth and not just our next-door neighbors we believe that every single item is priced to withstand any "value for money" comparison. In fact we do all the hard & boring task of comparing prices on your behalf before we put up an item for sale.

Another field that we give top priority is what many people call "customer service" but we prefer to see it as a friendly relationship. We do our best to eliminate any chance of a defective product reaching our customers or a delayed delivery occurs. In the rare occasion that any of these happens though be sure that there will be a real person to answer your phone call or e-mail and his/hers priority will be to resolve any problem in minimum time.
Welcome to what is mainly for us , still a journey in search of and for the love of music,

George Fertakis