Friday, September 9, 2011

Mimis Plessas Plays Philicorda - 1965 Greek Exotica Holy Grail on Philips!

We do not get the chance to find such gems every other day.That's why we thought that the "Mimis Plessas Plays Philicorda" needs a special mention.One of the few true Greek exotica-related  holy grails, includes  12 tracks of pure aural pleasure.Seven compositions by Mimis Plessas along with one each from Hadjidakis, Theodorakis, Giannidis, Kapnisis & Klavas played in a beautiful relaxed way, having the Philicorda as main instrument, backed up with a full jazz (and beyond) band.

Greek journalist Phontas Troussas has written a beautiful piece regarding the record and it's repress on CD (no reissue on vinyl exists) in his excellent blog and you can read it here (if you get on well with the Greek language!).This blog entry also includes a letter mr. Plessas sent to the journalist after reading the original article on greek top magazine Jazz & Τζαζ plus a couple of pictures showing mr.Plessas with the LP in his hands and the one with the actual Phillicorda we have borrowed and show you here at a lower resolution:

Having said all that, we are proud to have up on auction on our ebay store a fine copy of this rare album.It is in Excellent condition, having just a small tear on the sleeve, as can be shown on the actual pictures  of the item, here:

Vinyl itself is in excellent condition, plays fine with the possibility of some light surface noise, depending on your equipment.Given the facts of the rarity (we only know of two copies that have surfaced on ebay so far) and the excellent condition of the certain item we decided to start it at the lower price we could get and let you decide what it's worth to have it in your precious vinyl collection. Good luck & happy bidding!

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