Us and the Cats

Horace Borrat
So, what's the thing with all these cats?

Sonic Boom & is actually ran by me,George, which back in 2004 decided to exchange Athens urban life with the Marathon Tomb rural one. The place i live is a small village 40km outside Athens and most houses are not inhabited during winter time. People usually come here from June to August during their summer vacation. That means that the whole population of stray cats are trying to spot the houses that stay occupied during winter time so they can seek for food and a – if they are lucky enough – a warm place to stay.

If they are extremely lucky though they find my home* where both shelter & food are guaranteed and we also provide vaccination, the usual spot-ons & any medical care they may need (thanks to the top vet i am lucky enough to have nearby). I also neuter them because even if living with many cats is all fun, I do not believe that filling the world with strays is a very sensible thing. It's also good for their health as far as they tend to fight less & catch fatal sexual related diseases rarely.

Cats are not ungrateful as some people believe though and thought to contribute in the household's expenses by helping us with the website, grading records, updating our facebook page, listing things here & there but mainly creating special offers, writing the newsletter, yawning, sleeping, cleaning their fur & consuming enormous amounts of dry food.

So now you now that whenever I mention a cat on our newsletter or homepage we are actually talking about a family member** & trusted Sonic Boom & employee that gives his/her best to fulfill your musical needs.

(On behalf of our furry friends)


*A point I would like to make clear is that I have never bought/sold any pet & i do not intend to,i am not also any kind of collector who accepts pets from friends or other people,each & everyone of my cats would be either still stray or in pet heaven if he/she had not choose my place.

**Have I told you about my two dogs?