Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nalyssa Green & Drog_A_Tek brand new releases on Inner Ear Records

01 Your Eyes
02 Indagattah
03 Hey Mr Jung
04 Cemetery
05 Thick Air
06 Love Expires
07 Fear
08 My Kind Of Girl
09 Let Them Eat Cake
10 Joker
€ 21
INN043L - October 201


“Barock” is a collection of ten songs that have long lived inside Nalyssa Green’s head. Eventually the headaches of spiritual birth caught her and gripped by a primal need to express herself, she decided to give substance to these ten musical children. The title of the album is a hybrid combination of the words baroque and rock and was created to set the style of the album as a blend of an emotive atmosphere that has a smell of the past and of dusty palaces and a somewhat more contemporary and rock dynamic. It is a personal version of baroque aesthetics with strong elements of piety, religion, classical beauty and luxury, but in the light of decadence and in harmony with the present moment.
The recordings were made by Spiros Livanis and Nalyssa in Spyros’ student room in Patras and in his warehouse in the exotic Vrachati of Corinth county in the spring and summer of 2010. Their goal was to give flesh to the songs, as these existed as ideas in the mind of their creator, using the simplest tools and the “do it yourself” technique. The procedure was exactly as dreamed by Nalyssa, a game of expression and experimentation, without any knowledge of professional experience and with disregard for it.
The arrangements are simple. Few instruments are accompanying the melodies of the voice, which form the skeleton of the composition. Simple guitars or repeating keyboard riffs, handmade improvised percussion, solid bass and dramatic theremin, sometimes play the role of classical orchestral violins and other times serve as vehicles of emotive-dramatic-aggressive noise.
The artwork of “Barock” was designed and hand made by Kakia Konstantinaki in Chania. The first public presentation of the album took place during Nalyssa’s debut live performance on September 26, 2010 in Athens. Shortly afterwards Lick my kazoo created the site, where the record is available for free download.
A year later while Nalyssa Green slowly prepares her second album, “Barock” is born again at Sweetspot studio, with mastering by Apostolis Economou, in order to be released in white vinyl edition with bonus cd from Inner Ear.

01 Avalanche
02 Action
03 Endmbient
04 I Like
05 Aput Aspell On You
06 Dala Hooda
07 _Silent Friction
08 Vasotro Und Militen
09 Deck Three
10 Deep One
11 Deck One
12 I Touch
13 Melodio
14 I Cant Hold On Love
15 Bridge One
16 Seagulls Over Callas
17 Bridge Two
18 Hula Hoop
19 When You've Done It All
20 God Damn World
21 Transition One
INN042L - October 201


The audiovisual collective of drog_A_tek, after the awarded soundtrack “Homeland” (best music for film award from the Hellenic Film Academy), returns with a new project titled “Too Late To Care”.
“Too Late To Care” contains recordings made in Athens from 2005 to 2011 and is characterized by the vibrancy, improvisation and electricism of each moment that drog_A_tek’s live performances are made of. Its sounds are sometimes dark, underground and hypnotic, other times loud and aggressive and the few verses, with or without meaning, often function as a mantra. “Too Late To Care” is the soundtrack of the anonymous feelings of hopelessness, rejection, failure. A brief narrative of resignation from life. A product of deep and persistent sadness that puts the soul under constant pressure, it leads the listening in a world of rubble and ruins of everything beautiful. The recordings of the album are an open and unfinished book, waiting to be filled with fresh notes of loneliness and rotten memories that make you sink into pain. Day by day, more and more people join the troops serving a common cause of decay, to the extent that this is able to operate by itself. While recorded moments will be lost/worn forever, this doesn’t mean that things can get better. “Too Late To Care” is a black album.
Available from Inner Ear in limited edition vinyl, including cd.

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