Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jean-Jacques Burnell Top 5

The Stranglers' bassist picks up 5 (interesting) favorites .
Discovered in the April 2004 issue of (Greek music magazine) "Pop & Rock".

Comments in Italic are mine.
Photo By Malcolm Niekirk.

1. The Stranglers - Norfolk Coast - 2004 (Buy CD)

An obvious choice if you consider that this was just released on the time of the interview.A decent rock album with killer bass & keyboards which surely stands out in their later discography.

2.Tomita - Snowflakes Are Dancing - 1974 (Buy LP)

Well,that's a pretty tough one as far as i am not an expert either in Tomita or classical music (Tomita's debut includes several interpretations based on Debussy compositions).Like a soundtrack without a movie has a relaxed "bubbly" atmosphere and in my  opinion the words "quality easy listening music" would define this album.Also sound like someone turned the BBC Radiophonic Workshop sound effects into music!

3. The Doors - L.A. Woman - 1971 (Buy CD)

One of the first two records i ever bought so i will not be any objective on this.Most probably their best album and the last with Jim Morrison on the line-up,unfolds all their love and talent regarding their blues roots.Masterpiece.

4.The Damned - Phantasmagoria - 1985 (Buy CD - LP)

A gothic rock boulder from a band that defined the punk rock genre.An uneven album maybe ,the gems included recompense for the couple of "fillers" though. 

5. Kraftwerk - The Man-Machine - 1978 (Buy CD )
A genre-definer album if you consider that half of the new wave & synth pop scene that was about to emerge by the late 70s owe it's sound to this record.Not to mention all the 90s & current electronica minimalists that drink water in their name.If you want to know where all the weird electronic sound of prog-rock & early ambient took a pop turn , look no further!

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